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Bella is our little princess.  She was Belle (from Beauty and the Beast) for Halloween this year, although Snow White still seems to be her favorite princess.

Bella is 4 1/2 now, and is in preschool 3 days a week.  She is getting smarter every day - she can even do basic arithmetic.  She is opinionated and some might even say bossy at home, but she is quite reserved with other kids.

She is really into rhyming words and likes to make up silly rhymes.  She has quite a way with language - she told me one day she didn't want tacos for dinner, she wanted something more "dinnerishy".  She also said recently that birds are feathery.

She seems to like being a big sister.  She was very excited for the baby to come - she wanted to change her diapers, feed her applesauce and teach her how to walk.  She hasn't changed any diapers, but she did feed Emily her first smooshy food.  Emily is not quite ready to start walking yet but Bella does like to carry her around.
One area of potential conflict between the girls is Daddy as Bella is convinced the weekends are her Daddy time.  Emily has just recently discovered she has a Daddy and she is fascinated by him.  However, Bella isn't always interested in sharing him.

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