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Wayne got a big promotion at work recently.  He is now the Vice President of Engineering at Go Daddy.  This is an exciting new position for him, but it means that he is working a lot more than he used to. 

He had two fun adventures in August.  The first one was a bike ride on forest roads from Flagstaff to the Grand Canyon.  It was the first time he had done this ride, but I suspect it won't be the last.  He also hiked rim-to-rim-to-rim in the Grand Canyon for the fourth time while the girls were in Michigan.  He has never done it in August before, and one of his fellow hikers was air-lifted off the north rim.

The only big adventure planned so far for next year is a family ski trip.  Bella has never skiied before and Emily has never seen snow.

You can email Wayne at waynethayer@hotmail.com
Kris is now staying home with the girls.  It is the most challenging job I've ever done, since multitasking, cooking and cleaning have never been my strengths.  I am loving all the extra time I get to spend with the girls and I'm very thankful that Wayne has a good job that allows me to do this.

We decided we wanted a more comfortable family car (so Nonnie can go on vacation with us) and we settled on an Acura MDX.  Wayne, being the cheap guy that he is, bought it on Ebay.  He flew to Florida and spent 24 hours driving it home over 2 days.  Fortunately, we love the car so it was well worth it. 

You can email Kris at kristint94@hotmail.com
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